VERA Industrial Access Inc. provides comprehensive solutions for all types of geotechnical work. Supported by experienced Project Managers, VERA’s rope access technicians provide a competitive solution for work at heights both on the slope and on the rockface.

VERA Industrial Access Inc. can provide developmental, technical and practical expertise for any project, from design to installation and to job completion.  As we stand by our motto, “If you can’t get to it, we can”.

We offer support in the following categories:

  • Rock/Slope Stabilization & Protection (DYWIDAG & GEOBRUGG products)
  • Rock Blasting
  • Rock Drilling
  • Passive Rockfall drapes and netting (TECCO, ROCCO, DELTAX, SPIDER MESH)
  • Debris flow barriers
  • Shot Crete & Cement Impregnated Fabric
  • Rock Scaling & Air Bag Removal
  • Gabion & 5000 lbs  Retaining wall blocks
  • Torque & Hydraulic Pull Testing of Rock Bolts
  • Contractor Guiding
  • GeoBreak Expanding Grout Rock Removal