Rock Exotica PentaPlate Rigging Plate

Light weight 5 hole rig plate.

$64.00 — $66.00

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Category : Anchors & Rigging Sku :

This is a beautiful design that is incredibly lightweight, compact and versatile. It is much lighter than its competition because it uses 7075 alloy, the same super-strong aerospace aluminum alloy that we use to make carabiners.

7075 costs much more than the more common 6061 that most rigplates are made of. But this allows us to make it nice and thin and save a lot of weight. Being thin also has the benefit of fitting carabiners and links better with less possibility of binding.

Holes are numbered with laser marking. See the DRAWING link to the left for all the dimensions.

Note: Avoid taking this in your carry-on luggage when flying. Security tends to think it is some sort of brass knuckles super-weapon.