Petzl Sequoia SRT

Tree care seat harness for single rope ascent techniques


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Category : Harnesses Sku : C69AF0_
  • Harness designed for ascents on a single rope:
    – ventral attachment point and rear buckle for installing a CROLL ventral rope clamp with SECUR shoulder straps
  • Built for comfort:
    – semi-rigid, wide waistbelt and leg loops for excellent positioning; sculpted and lined with perforated foam for comfort during suspension
    – foam on leg loops can be adjusted for perfect positioning
    – mobile side attachment points allow the user to follow the orientation of the lanyard during lateral movement
    – attachment bridge improves lateral mobility
  • Practical adjustment:
    – waistbelt equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment
    – leg loops equipped with FAST buckles for quick and easy opening and fastening without the need to readjust them, even while wearing gloves
    – buckles to adjust weight distribution between the waistbelt and the leg loops
    – gated rings to adapt the length of the attachment bridge and to install accessories directly on the attachment bridge (RING, SWIVEL)
  • Facilitates carrying and organization of tools:
    – seven pre-shaped equipment loops with protective sheath
    – five slots for CARITOOL tool holder
    – two retainers for a carabiner to hold a chainsaw or handsaw
    – elastic for attaching a first aid kit
  • Can be accessorized in order to adapt the harness to its use:
    – seat: improves comfort during prolonged suspension
    – shoulder straps: connect to the ventral attachment point and the two rear slots on the waistbelt to transfer the load from the waist belt to the shoulders