EYOLF Storr Sit Harness

The Storr sit harness together with the Storr chest harness are a perfect pair for any type of rope access work.


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  • The Storr sit harness was created upon request from Iain Gault.
  • Eyolf always felt that the old-school rope access harnesses from the 80’s and 90’s where better then the modern days full body harnesses that are required due to the integrated Dorsal D-ring.
  • Any rope access technicians knows that the Dorsal D-ring ins’t used, except the occasional fall arrest “mode”. So when Iain asked Eyolf they jumped on it right away.
  • The Storr sit harness with the Storr chest harness are absolutely a marvellous pair and give great comfort, flexibility and brings back memories, although Eyolf believe it is a much better product now than what it was.