EYOLF Granit Belt

The Granit belt is a great product thanks to the quick connector, it is strong, durable and a reliable piece of gear.


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Category : Harnesses Sku : A370
  • The Granit Belt is a uniform belt with Aluminium D-ring and Quick connector that allows you to open and close the belt quick and easy.
  • It has been made to the same standards as the other Eyolf harnesses and therefore it is strong, durable and efficient.
  • Eyolf came up with the quick connector having used belts for years and were always annoyed when taking off their pants that they had to weave the webbing through the buckle and in some cases back tie it again. So Eyolf think it is one of those ideas that just made sense…
  • The Granit belt can be used for travel restraint and for emergency escape.