MaxGear Atavist Sit Harness

The Atavist harness is a light, comfortable and user friendly harness for adventure parks, zip line operations and rock climbing.


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  • The Atavist harness was designed to be a light but still a comfortable harness for companies who deal with groups.
  • It has proven itself to be an excellent harness for adventure parks, zip lining, recreational rock climbing and military units that need a rappel harness.
  • The Atavist is durable and with the industrial grade buckles it is also easy to adjust and as this particular buckle stays well in place and doesn’t need to be back-tied it is also safer than most harnesses used by non-experience users in large groups.
  • We can also customize this product to meet your procedure for tie-in point colours. Allowing you to identify the size and stay conform with your procedures.